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Pink Glitter Heels

Pink Glitter Heels Are Here!

There are two things that no girl should ever live without: the color pink and sparkly things.  Okay okay, so maybe those aren’t the two most essential things that first come to your girly mind.  But you’ve got to admit, they are the most fun!  Ladies, I’d like to introduce to you the most fabulous and flirty collection of pink glitter heels that you’ll ever lay eyes upon.  If you want to sparkle like the star you are, then you must take a look at these shoes.  There are all kinds of designs and styles that are bound to catch your attention!  Pink and glitter have never looked THIS good together.  Be daring and bold in a color that captures the very essence of what it means to be a girl.  Every girl should make a fierce statement in the shoes she’s wearing!  What do you want your shoes to say about you?

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Ellie Shoes Women’s 453-Lacey Pump

Ellie Shoes Women's 453-Lacey Glitter Pink Pump

Ellie has just taken french maid to a whole ‘nother level. Pink Glitter, black patent leather bow, patent leather straps, and lace ruffles may sound like a recipe for a random disaster, but oh no! These hot pumps deliver in spades. Sizzly, flirty, sexy, in an oh so refined way. Ooh la la, indeed.

List Price: $59.99 USD

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Betsey Johnson Women’s Dizzyy Platform Pump

Okay so maybe fairytales do exist!  No Prince Charming needed when you own a pair of slippers like these.  This shoe puts a sexy twist on the formal pump.  The color is so light and pretty, and the va va voom factor is in full force!  Not to mention these shoes will definitely add some height and confidence to your look.  Whether it’s a night on the town or the town ball, this princess shoe will make you feel glamorous and regal!  Get your pair now before the clock strikes 12!

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The “Alexandra” Court Shoes Glitter Platform Stiletto

Hot, hot, hot, and more hot!  These pumps are vibrant and electrifying!  You can’t get much better than this.  If you want to add a colorful and spicy kick to your shoe collection, then you must get these babies!  I know what you’re thinking, “I can’t pull those off!”  However, you would be doing yourself a great disservice to think that you couldn’t shine and dazzle in these amazing pair of heels.  The color is bright, but it’s not overpowering.  Besides, your confidence is the most glittery and shiny accessory you’re going to be wearing anyway!

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The “Michelle” Court Shoes Suede Glitter Block Heel

Classy and chic.  These heels are timeless with the perfect pop of fun thanks to the glitter heel!  These shoes match every woman’s double identity: the working girl and the party girl.  They are professional and mature, but don’t just save them for the workplace!  You can party in them all night and because the heel is a little shorter, they won’t leave you’re feet feeling sore afterwards.  Be pretty and pink…and glittery!

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Qupid Fuchsia Gold Glitter Platform Heels

You will definitely be a disco diva in these pumps!  They are fun, sexy, and the perfect party shoe.  Owning a pair of heels like these will make you look for a party to where them to, or they’ll make the party come to you!  The silver heel screams “Disco!”  Shake up your wardrobe, and your groove thing, by owning these today!

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Pleaser Women’s Wink Oxford Pump

The oxford shoe gets a remix in the style of a flirty heel!  How cute and creative is this take on the classic oxford style!?  Think pink to the max!  This is definitely a bold and brilliant statement shoe that any fashionista could use in her closet.  If the bright pink color isn’t enough fun for you then check out the peek-a-boo toe!  Rock these with confidence and you’ll definitely get all the right attention.

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Michael Antonio Women’s Anderson Glitter Wedge Pump

A solid colored wedge that’s anything but ordinary, these glittery shoes pop in all the right places!  If pink is your color, then you’ve obviously come to the right place.  These wedges are super fun yet practical, and can be worn almost anywhere.  They are sweet and shimmery, just like any lovely lady who would wear them!

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Ollio Glitter Multi-Colored Platform Stilletos

Peep toe and pink, what more can a girl ask for!?  These shoes are so pretty and dainty.  They will flirt with your feet and your style!  You can definitely play with how you would wear these shoes.  They can be formal or perfect for a night out with the girls.  Don’t let the frosty pink fool you, these shoes are HOT!

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Lace B. Pink Glitter Platform Pump

Okay all my girly girls, here is the perfect shoe for you!  Like most girls, it shines, stands tall, and is topped with a bow!  I bet Dorothy would trade in her ruby slippers for these.  Every now and then a girl just needs to buy a pair of shoes that really have that ‘wow’ factor. Guess what, these are those shoes!  Click your heels three times and say it with me, “There’s no place like…online shopping.”

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Michael Antonio Women’s Keme Open-Toe Pump

It’s time to shimmer and rock n’ roll in these glitzy heels!  If you like to have a little height but not too much of a stiletto heel, then these shoes will be great for you!  The color is so glam rock and fierce!  You will make a vicious fashion statement in these shoes.  Don’t be shy, slip these heels on and own the night!

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The “Molly” Court Shoes Glitter Heel Wedge

Coral is in!  These fun and comfy wedges make a statement that you can’t afford to pass up.  The glitter heel is unique and sassy while that smooth suede adds a touch of effortless class and elegance.  You don’t come across a shoe like this too often.  It’s classy, flirty, and girly!  When you put these on, you’re bound to demand the spotlight.  Never mind that, these shoes ARE the spotlight!  You can dress them up with a sexy dress, or go the more casual route and pair them with jeans.  They are dazzling and will add that perfect spark to your wardrobe.  Warning: side effects include confident strutting.

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