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Pink Frenzy With Pink Tools

Dainty and cute; girly and pink! These pink tools are sure to make your tool box colorful and fun! Now, don’t fall that false impression that pink tools would not deliver the goods. Like any other toolbox staple, these pink tools are high-grade and of superior quality. So, start completing your tool kit with these pink tools in mind!

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Pink Multi-Tool Square With Level Vials

If you’re doing crafts or perhaps, creating some DIY window installation at home, then a tool square is something you can’t do without.

And because you’re a lady, here’s a pink multi-tool square for your tool collection! So even if you put this with your hubby’s toolbox, it’ll be easy to spot which one is yours.


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Pink Adjustable Wrench

Are you just starting your tool kit collection? How about adding some pink fun in your tool box, as well? If you’re into pink items, then you shouldn’t skip adding this pink adjustable wrench in your must-haves.

It’s chrome-plated with rubberized handle to perfectly fit a woman’s grip. Grab this pink adjustable wrench fast!

List Price: $5.99 USD
New From: $5.99 In Stock

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Pink Utility Knife

Wouldn’t it be great to have a utility knife that doesn’t get mixed up with the rest of the tools in your tool kit? This pink utility knife is the answer! It will be easy to spot a pink knife among the pool of tools in the box.

This retractable pink knife is so easy to use and the design is contoured to fit a woman’s hand.

For all you ladies who can’t live without the basic tools in your kit, include this pink utility knife in your collection now!

List Price: $4.70 USD
New From: $3.99 In Stock

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Pink Mr. 7 Hands Screwdriver

Meet Mr. 7 Hands Screwdriver, the pink multitasking screwdriver! You don’t have to buy seven different types of screwdrivers for your tool kit because this one-man-army has got it all. It even comes with a built in flashlight to help you with the illumination when working on dark spaces. Now, isn’t that great or what?

Well, Mr. 7 Hands is in pink, obviously. This makes a perfect gift for the ladies who appreciate being the handyman around the house.

It’s chrome plated and meets industry standards so go ahead and get Mr. 7 Hands Screwdriver!

List Price: $19.99 USD
New From: $19.99 In Stock

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Pink General Tool Kit

A general tool kit is a must in every home. It also comes in handy when you have one stashed in your car. This sassy general pink tool kit has got everything you need. Basically, these are the tools that are indispensable when doing minor repairs. There’s a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, etc. This is like the emergency kit of a tool box.┬áTreat this as the first aid in repairs 101.

List Price: $24.99 USD
New From: $24.99 In Stock

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Little Pink Drill

This attractive pink drill is especially designed for women. While color is not really the top priority in buying a drill, it doesn’t hurt to get one in pink, right? As long as it works as it should, then the attractiveness factor is definitely a plus!

This pink drill is rechargeable so it’s easy to use in doing minor repairs. Performance-wise, it’s great. Don’t be fooled by the color because this works well just like any other drill in the market. If you’re collecting pink tools for fun, then better get this one, too!

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Pink Claw Hammer

Hammers come in many sizes. And they also come in pink! This pink claw hammer not only does the job, it’s also dainty and cute!

Why on earth would someone want a pink hammer? Well, you ladies have a thing for pink and if there’s some item out there that’s pink, pink fanatics got to have it. Agree?┬áThis pink claw hammer fits perfectly to your grip, durable and light weight. Women, in particular, would find this easy to use.

Get this pink claw hammer because this is a must for any tool box!

List Price: $11.38 USD
New From: $11.38 In Stock

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Pink Pliers

The handyman is a woman! A woman, of course, can do a man’s job and that includes doing repairs around the house! This 5-piece pink pliers set comes in handy especially for the woman who knows how to tinker with tools.

These are professional grade pliers and can definitely do the job. Likewise, these pink tools make a great gift for women who appreciate handyman work. Plus, this is a must around the house.

So, get one of these pretty in pink pliers for her and surely, she’ll love it!

List Price: $27.02 USD
New From: $27.02 In Stock

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4-Piece Pink Stubby Set

Don’t you find it annoying when you have to do repairs on hard to reach places? If you can only get hold of miniature tools to get the job done, then problem will certainly be solved in no time. Well, fret not because this 4-piece pink stubby set is here to save the day! Yay!

Well, it sure is girly but if we talk about usability, this pink stubby set delivers as expected. Now, you don’t have to worry much repairing the inner corners of the living room or perhaps, tightening up the bolts of cramped up spaces.

List Price: $19.95 USD
New From: $14.29 In Stock
Used from: $11.52 In Stock

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Pink Screwdriver Set

Owning a set of screwdrivers can come in handy especially with small repairs. But getting creative with a an ordinary set of tools? Well, how about jazzing it up with some pink loving?

These cute set of pink screwdrivers are not only handy around the house, they’re also fashionable! Call it crazy but why in the world would someone want a pink set of tools? Beats me. But it sure looks fun to work with it. Ladies who know their way around the house would appreciate this set.

Get one now because you might be needing one in the future!

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