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Tarina Tarantino Pink Daisy Earrings

These pink daisy earrings practically scream sunshine! Pink gerber daisy earrings are accented with sparkly crystals that will brighten up even a rainy spring day! Candy colored daisies are like little bonbons for your ears! The petals look so real you can practically pluck them off! He loves me…he loves me not…oh, who cares! If you have these adorable earrings, you certainly won’t! You’ll never stop smiling with these flowers adorning your ears. Rose colored daisy studs are all you need with your favorite spring or summer dress. Just add some cute sandals and you’re ready for a gorgeous day!

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Precious Pink Pearls

Pearls make a classic, sophisticated statement. And these are rosy colored pink pearls! White gold studs topped with dainty pink pearls are a charming accessory that will look great with daytime wear, or add a touch of class to a nighttime look. Pearls are fashion’s chameleons; they can be worn with just about anything and add an air of timelessness. And for the girly girl in you, the pinky rose shade adds that little extra touch of cute to these sweet pearl earrings. Every woman needs a pair of pearls in the jewelry box.

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Tarina Tarantino Sparkly Crystal Hearts

Shiny, sparkly crystal heart earrings add bling to any outfit! Jazz up that boring T-shirt by adding some bright pink drop earrings. Don’t wait for a special occasion to wear these shiny, happy earrings! Put them on anytime to ensure you get smiles back. Delightful crystal hearts look sweet dangling from these precious earrings. When the sun hits them, they’ll look amazing! Light up the room in these stunning, sparkling treasures.

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Pink Rose Hoops

If you want to wear florals but aren’t sure wear to start, grab these gorgeous rose hoops! Hoop earrings look amazing on every woman, and the bright pink sculpted roses add feminine details to the earrings. You won’t be able to leave the house without compliments when you’re wearing these unique, sweet rose earrings! Go over the top and pair them with a floral dress or top, or simply let them stand out against a black or white top. These statement earrings are girly in every way! Embrace the romance of these incredibly detailed, beautiful earrings.

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Silver Rose Earrings

For spring, floral prints are all the rage. Take part in the flower craze by adding some roses to your earring collection. These beautiful and elegant rose earrings look like outlines of real roses. The simple silver styling of these earrings makes them a must have for spring and a go-to pair of earrings for any outfit. Sparkly silver combined with feminine flowers make it hard to pass up these pretty earrings. Pair them with  a black halter dress and sandals for an easy but stunning springtime look. Roses are always in season, or at least these pretty earrings will be!

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Betsey Johnson Hot Pink Lips Earrings

Give your ears a big fat smooch with these flirty, sexy lips earrings! Pink lips adorned with a crystal are a sassy way to add some sex appeal to your outfit. The small studs are a sweet way to add some romance to any outfit. How can you pass up this adorable pair of lips? Pucker up for some of Betsey Johnson’s most adorable earrings. These earrings go with everything and the rose colored lips will make you smile every time you glance in a mirror. You’ll get a million compliments and smiles on these little kisses.

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Juicy Couture Pink Earrings

Stunning Juicy Couture pink crystal earrings are a breathtaking accessory to any outfit. Imagine these gorgeous sparklers next to a hot black top and skinny jeans, or with an elegant dress with your hair in a simple twist. These amazing earrings feature rose colored crystals framed in gold trim. Every girl is a princess, and you’ll really feel like royalty in these amazing earrings. Indulge your inner girly girl and go for a night rivaling Cinderella’s evening at the ball in these queen like earrings. Be the princess you really are in these fabulous earrings. You deserve it!

List Price: $58.00 USD

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Sweet Coral Rose Earrings

List Price: $14.99 USD
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Celebrate spring with gorgeous coral roses. Don’t wait for someone else to buy you roses, buy them for yourself! Pretty roses look almost real on these one of a kind earrings. Pair them with a sundress for a feminine and sweet warm weather look. Roses are the flower of romance, so slip these on for a first date, night on the town or simply a sweet accompaniment to your favorite dress or top. Don’t worry, these roses won’t ever wilt! Cherish their beauty forever and enjoy the detail of the tiny coral colored petals.

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Sassy Pink Feathers!

A hot trend today is feather jewelry. Feathers are everywhere! These pink feather earrings will add a sexy, bohemian girl vibe to your wardrobe! Feathers can look classy at night with an elegant dress, or they can go casual with a top, jeans and wedges. The long, dangly feathers feel sophisticated, and they look so pretty next to your hair! These wild, bright pink feather earrings are perfect for the girl that wants attention, because when you walk into a room wearing these luscious feather earrings, heads will definitely turn. Wear your hair up and make your feather earrings the star of your look, or let them swing beautifully around your face, framing you in pretty pink feathers.

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Tarina Tarantino Hot Fuschia Skulls


Sexy pink skull earrings will add some tough girl cuteness to any outfit! These skulls are more adorable than threatening, with sparkly eyes and sweet little smiles! These bright earrings will pop next to your favorite top or dress, adding a splash of color to any outfit. Tarina Tarantino never misses the mark with her adorable accessories and these charming skull earrings are no exception! Don’t wait for Halloween to add skulls to your wardrobe, they are a very trendy item and can work with just about any style or outfit. These little sparklers are the perfect standout accessory for a simple but head turning look.

List Price: $14.00 USD
New From: $14.00 In Stock

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