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Pink Masons Tool Bag

Women usually want their home repair tools in one place. Some even go to the extent of adding some glamour to the otherwise mundane tool box.

Take a look at this pink tool bag. It’s made for ladies who want all their tool collection in one bag. And the color? It’s screaming pink and with that, no man would dare touch your tool box.

It’s got 24 pockets to get you organized with the tools you need. The lightweight fabric and sturdy handle allows you to carry this tool bag anywhere you go!


List Price: $30.53 USD

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2 Drawer Heavy Metal Pink Tool Chest

This multi-functional 2 drawer and heavy metal pink box can beat any man’s tool box. Why? Just take a closer look at this beauty. The attractive pink color is more than meets the eye. Durability-wise, it’s made of hardcore aluminum which means it’s 100% heavy duty.

The drawer pulls lets you rummage through your tools easily. And other than tools, you can use this as storage for make-up, toys and even nail polish! This is versatility in a pink tool box! So what are you waiting for, grab one and start collecting your own set of tools.

List Price: $124.99 USD
New From: $148.85 In Stock

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5 Drawer Rolling Pink Tool Cabinet

Looking for a bigger and better tool box to stash your tools? Well, look no further because thus 5-door rolling cabinet is certain to thwart your man’s macho tool box!

It’s got multi-level drawer pulls to let you put in more of your sophisticated tools around the house. Sturdy material is used to ensure quality  and withstand wear and tear. Best of all, it’s pink! Yes, it’s for the ladies out there who feel as attractive as the color pink!


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Hot Pink Tool Tote

This carry all hot pink tool box is just perfect for lounging around when you’re in tip top shape to get things done around house.

The multiple pockets allow you to put as much tools in your bag so that everything you need will be within reach. It comes in hot pink thus, it is easy to spot your tool when it gets mixed up with the others’ tool boxes.

As for durability? You can count on this because it is made of high quality materials.

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Pink Steel Tool Box

Looking for a pink tool box to put in all your pink tools? If you can’t live without this lovely color, then you better take a look at this utility box.

It’s got a durable steel base so you can put all your tool collection here. Other than that, you can use this to store other items such as jewelry, crafts and the like. Don’t worry about space because this baby has got lots of it. And don’t jump into conclusions yet about the weight. It looks a tad heavy visually.

But surprise, surprise! This pink steel box is made of lightweight material so you arms won’t get tired carrying this around. Get your own pink tool box now!

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Pink Mini Tool Box

Tool box comes in a variety of sizes. If you need something to carry around without the bulkiness of a large tool box then this mini will certainly save the day!

You can pile up the basic tools in here such as claw hammer, nuts and bolts, pliers, wrench and all those tiny tools you need for minor works. The material is made of 100% recycled plastic milk bottles. It’s sturdy enough to carry the weight of those tiny tools for small projects.

Get this pink mini tool box now!

List Price: $27.99 USD
New From: $29.38 In Stock

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Ladies Pink Tool Box

If you want to give a useful gift to woman, why not get her this ladies pink tool box? This general tool kit in pink has everything she needs in doing slight repairs. There’s medium sized claw hammer, pliers, wrench in varying sizes and more!

She’s surely love this adorable tool kit because not only it’s handy around the house, the color is something out of the ordinary!

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Pink Crafters Tool Box With Tool Set

A tool box is like a first aid kit in any household. DIY minor works are inevitable so it is a must that you have a general tool box to do the work. This bright pink crafters tool box has got everything you need to do basic repairs. There’s a hammer, screwdrivers, tape measures, etc.

With this pink crafters tool box on hand, you really don’t need to call Mr. Handyman for small repairs. Go grab this pink tool box now!


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Household Pink Tool Set With Carry Case

Every tool you need is right here in this pink tool box! Need a screwdriver? Check. How about a utility knife? Check. Long nose pliers? Check. All the basics are right here in this kit. If you have an upcoming household project, it is a must that you have the tools to get thing going.

There are a lot of tools available. You don’t have to own every single one of them. Just start with the basic ones and you’re good to go. And before I forget, this household toll kit is in bright pink! Ladies will surely love to own one these!

List Price: $59.99 USD
New From: $29.99 In Stock
Used from: $27.28 In Stock

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