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Michael Antonio Women’s Anderson Glitter Wedge Pump

A solid colored wedge that’s anything but ordinary, these glittery shoes pop in all the right places!  If pink is your color, then you’ve obviously come to the right place.  These wedges are super fun yet practical, and can be worn almost anywhere.  They are sweet and shimmery, just like any lovely lady who would wear them!

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The “Molly” Court Shoes Glitter Heel Wedge

Coral is in!  These fun and comfy wedges make a statement that you can’t afford to pass up.  The glitter heel is unique and sassy while that smooth suede adds a touch of effortless class and elegance.  You don’t come across a shoe like this too often.  It’s classy, flirty, and girly!  When you put these on, you’re bound to demand the spotlight.  Never mind that, these shoes ARE the spotlight!  You can dress them up with a sexy dress, or go the more casual route and pair them with jeans.  They are dazzling and will add that perfect spark to your wardrobe.  Warning: side effects include confident strutting.

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